Endocrinology Masterclass

Endocrinology Masterclass is a specialized educational program to provide new and practical knowledge in the field of endocrinology. The program content of clinical grand rounds is designed to enable prospective endocrinologists to acquire strong foundations in all aspects of endocrinology and enhance presentation skills. The monthly journal club is specifically designed to provide the participants with the tools and skills to enable them to accurately interpret published literature and apply to their patients and practice. Also this will help endocrinologists in training to develop vital research skills that are required in developing and conducting studies for their thesis.

Clinical Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs
Fortnightly Live Webinars
Free Registration
Opportunity to Learn from the Leaders
Guest Lectures from the Experts

Why Join Masterclass?

  • To refine your clinical skills
  • To improve your diagnostic accuracy
  • To get most from your patient interactions
  • Opportunity to improve your clinical presentation skills
  • To learn to interpret and apply research in day to-day clinical practice
  • To enhance the fine art of refining thesis and publishing literature
  • To get tips and tricks for final examination
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